Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

A User can cancel the charging session anytime. In case of prepayment, any balance amount due after deducting the charging that has happened will be refunded to the original mode of payment.

A user can cancel their subscription at any time. If they are cancelling within 7 days from the start of a billing cycle, Deepfleet will refund the money charged in that particular billing cycle and subscription will be cancelled.

If the user has taken a post-paid subscription, only after clearing their dues will the subscription stand cancelled.

Refund Policy

Deepfleet offers service for charging of EVs at the charging stations owned and/or operated by various partners/CPOs or the charging stations owned by Deepfleet. The cost of charging a vehicle can be paid in advance or after the charging has been availed.

In case the cost has been prepaid before availing the charging facility, any balance amount due after the charging has happened will be refunded to the original mode of payment.

Once the consumer’s electric vehicle has been charged, Deepfleet reserves the right to charge the cost of charging from the user. Under any circumstances, a user cannot request a refund for the amount for which he/she has already consumed charging.

In case of any query regarding cancellation/refund the customer can drop an email to