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Frequently Asked Questions

about EV Roaming

What is Range Anxiety?

The feeling of, "Oh, my electric vehicle (EV) battery is going to drain fully on the way and I will be stranded" Is called "Range Anxiety." More often than not, this psychological quirk is why people hesitate to switch to EVs.

Is Range Anxiety justifiable?

Probably yes. Though the charging eco system has been developed quite a bit in the last couple of years, discoverability of these facilities are still minimal, making it less usable at any point in time and location.

What is EV Roaming?

EV Roaming or eRoaming is a technology that allows people to charge an electric vehicle at charging stations setup by different charge providers with whom the owner has no past relationship with. It is very similar to mobile phone network roaming. This is possible by making different charging networks interoperable by deploying protocols that allows the chargepoints to be shared between networks.

What's the benefit of EV Roaming?

It helps in several ways than one for drivers and eco system players alike. The primary purpose is to reduce range anxiety. Roaming generally allows drivers to have more places to charge and helps them find it easily.

What is a Chargepoint Operator (CPO)?

A CPO sets up charging stations on the road or on-premise. They allow customers to charge or swap at their stations, usually for a price. India has 40-50 such companies at the time of writing (Well, you must've guessed, it is increasing rapidly!)

What is an eMobility Service Provider?

An Electric Mobility Service Provider (eMSP or MSP) helps the customers on-the-road by providing helpful services to locate stations, navigate between destinations or giving other helpful information.

Is it possible to invest in EV charging stations and make money from it?

Yes. Absolutely. Investing in an EV charging station not only helps save the invironment but also earns a very high income. We have end-to-end solutions for starting your own EV charging station business and run it profitably. If you are insterested, please get in touch with us at

What is Roaming in battery swapping?

Roaming for Battery swapping is a new concept. It allows people to swap their batteries from stations setup by any provider.

How much does it cost to charge at these stations?

Pricing is usually set by the CPOs, and varies quite a bit considering charger type, charging queue, time of the day, day of the week & other ameneties offered. It is recommended that customers check the price on ROAM charge app to decide before choosing a station.

Do you have an iOS version of the ROAM Charge app?

Not yet. Are we planning to release iOS version soon? Oh, you bet we are.

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